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February 8, 2019 - 573 Views

It's been 2 days that I test the BETA version
here is my opinion

good points :
They knew how to keep the mechanics of the game.
The gameplay is still so attractive.
Good fluidity and responsiveness.
Graphically the game is very beautiful.

Negative points:
The care kit system is not great, the plates are too long to put on. In front of rogues or in rogue mode, it is impossible to heal.
The checkpoints are too big, it's messy, we do not know where to go, I lost myself several times.
In DZ, the brightness is too strong, is dazzling, which makes the experience unpleasant.

Many bugs:
I found myself below the hatches.
Sank into the ground.
I aim but impossible to shoot.
The weapon of my teammate is in the air.
Drones do not go to the enemy.
4 delta errors in 3 hours of games

Maybe I have too much expectation on this new TD2.
So far I do not recommend the game.

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